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Your Unlimited Health by Traci Kolinek

Change Your Mind. Change Your Life.

The Blue Morpho butterfly represents change. Its complete life cycle is only about 3-4 months long, from the egg stage to the end of its life. This butterfly goes through significant changes constantly. Learning, embracing and thriving in change is a must!

Now we as humans see change every day, but “noticing change” and “embracing change” are 2 completely different actions.

I have been through enormous change in my recent life that I want to help others embrace and thrive in their changes in life. Not only do I want to react to change, I’m learning how to promote and create positive change at will. is about helping you change your life, through sharing and learning. As there is one thing I’ve learned the most so far and that is teaching enhances the learning for both: the teacher and the student!

Your Skincare is something you
shouldn\'t take for granted.

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Family is your center point.


Consciousness & Enlightenment
: Free your mind
from the your Ego.


Financial Wealth
Your Financial Health is working
when Money Works For You.


Your Healthy Body
Your Healthy Body needs love,
exercise, nutrition and focus.

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Life is meant to be lived. Everyone has so much to offer, but not everyone taps into their giving. Join me as we learn to live our lives with "Unlimited Health".

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Traci KolinekWhen I was told "you have Cancer" my husband and I decided that we were going to come out of Cancer healthier and with a better life. This included our entire life, nutrition, exercise, mind, body, spirit and living in the moment.

I set my intention to find my passion, still be a mom of 2 children, control my hours, be with wonderful people and help them find their passion.

Your Unlimited Health (YUH), is allowing me to accomplish my purpose and passion!

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